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Snarks B Srs
Oh Well Hatter
Conducty: Snark ; ;
Conducty: Will you protect me from the rapist robots?
MonotoneBright: ...I was hoping I'd get to watch
MonotoneBright: buuuuut, fiiiine
Conducty: D:
Conducty: :3
MonotoneBright: I'll be your knight
MonotoneBright: ...Unless you'd rather have your precious BATTY protect you.
Conducty: Batty can't sheter me , she's too tender
MonotoneBright: And Condy, I SEE the way you look and act with Batty. She would kill a lion just to continue to hump you.
Conducty: nuh ; ; I need my fuzzy rock
MonotoneBright: yeah yeah. But when SHE comes in, you'll run into her arms. My heart can't take any more of it. TT_TT
Conducty: Aww ; ; I didnt know you felt that way
Conducty: I'll be more sensitive , Snark ; ;
Conducty huggle-cuddles D:
MonotoneBright: No, we're through. Enjoy your Batty. You two are good together. BYE FOREVER.
Welcome to the lobby.
Conducty whispers: (→ ScaryHatter) ):..Can we talk?
MonotoneBright whispers to Conducty: LOL. yeah. What's up?
Conducty whispers: Oh THANK GOD.. I thought you were ttly serious

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Mean Snarks make Conductrii cry.


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