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Am I Looking At This the Wrong Way?
Quackerjack Fatality
Ooooookay...Who exactly is setsuna_cutey? I've seen their art, good stuff. And I see them floating around the Old Haunt.

I ask because of this comment they left towards me:

Your fan enthusiasm is super, Snark! Still, maybe it would better to keep the Boom forum a bit free of such longer discussion points? Especially the question topic, it simply is not meant for that, but for short answers to sometimes very long fan questions, haha. Of course we all understand how much you care about this, but keeping the discussion narrowed to this forum has a lot of advantages. ^_^ This is where the die-hard fans are, after all, who are willing to engage with you on certain points as well as the authors of the comic. I have the feeling both of our forums draw a similar crowd, but that this one as a fan forum works better for actual interpretive discussion and is also visited more regularly by us. I'm sure that if you want to take it further, you can do so here. :)

Are they part of BOOM somehow? Otherwise I don't see why I cant discuss something with Brill on the BOOM forums. I thought he didn't hang out on the Old Haunt. So if I brought it up on the OH, how would he see it then? I don't find it fair he can express how he sees QJ, if fellow fans can't express what they see. At the end of the day, he is just a fan like the rest of us.

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No, she is not anyone who works for BOOM. Idk why she's concerned with the question length... maybe she's worried it'll scare Brill off from answering the smaller questions or something. Who knows! I'm still scratching my head right now at the angry "I support Claire" stamp that showed up on DA today with the rant directed at you and other slash fans (which is unrelated to Setsuna btw, and was created by some other person I don't recognize).

And replied to the stamp. I find it insulting that people think that's why fans of the pairing dislike Claire so much...

....wait, what? okay, need to find this Claire stamp...

I recognize her name from the Old Haunt and as one of the more vocal comic supporters. Her message to you, though, WTF? Who appointed her the job of judging what should and shouldn't be sent to Brill?

Also, that I support Claire stamp... I haven't been on DA in a couple of days aside from brief glances, but I did a search because I had to see it for myself. My icon sums up my thoughts on it. Way to totally miss the point on why people didn't like Claire.

It certainly rubbed me the wrong way. I SHOULD do it just to spite them...but i won't.

But it's funny because we realized who it was. :D realized and i just agreed. i almost didn't recognize her because she used better grammar on DA than she did on the video. XD

I'd say if you were going to start a debate, to be careful about it. I wouldn't want them to ban you from the Boom! forums. Also, if you do start a debate, I'd be happy to back you up with some points of my own. *lol*

Meh, I don't think I will. I really don't want confrontation. although, I wasn't planning on getting nasty at all. but I can already see me getting the blame if I tried bringing up a discussion with him, and Brill just stopped posting all together. XD

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