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Pirate Talk Aside, I Got a Serious Problem
I think me uncle be tryin' t' kill us. He has done it a couple o' times now, and it be scarin' me.Mike has been smokin' around oxygen tanks, that clearly say "DON'T SMOKE WHEN OXYGEN IS IN USE".

Okay, let me tell you a story t' understand t' dangers this pirate be facin'...

Uncle Mike had been sent t' t' hospital not t' long ago. He overdosed on some medicine, which caused an asthma attack,which a large part was stemmed from phenomena, all which shot his blood presaye up, which gave him a heart attack (that chased t' rat, that ate t' cheese, all in t' house that Jack built!). Point is...It was a chain reaction that sent him t' t' hospital. And when he came home a couple o' days ago, they sent him home on many oxygen tanks.

Now, already i had been findin' him bein' on oxygen pointless, because he'd still go outside t' smoke, and then waddle inside t' put his oxygen mask aft on. But now I see he's been doin' this...

Does he honestly not care? What t' hell? Not only be it jeopardizin' himself...But all o' us in t' house! And me bucko Nichole has yelled at him a couple o' times that she has saw him doin' this. There has already been a couple o' times where he has set t' house on fire...Not t' mention t' fact he doesn't do anythin' around t' house, and just causes trouble for everybody. So, even though he's her brother...why does mom let him stay here?


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Your uncle should've won a Darwin award a long time ago... :|

Yikes! I hope you guys are okay, and your uncle doesn't hurt you guys or himself with his stupidity.

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