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Any Suggestions?
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Celey helped me last night, but I wanted to ask you guys too. I'm doing notes for my March Hare "origin" episode, before I start outlining...And I wanted to know if there was anything you guys think I need to elaborate on.

The notes-

“Mad as a March Hare”
-What I defiantly know is going to happen:
*Her first crimes involved kidnapping children to play as characters from Alice in Wonderland. She was making a large never ending tea party. It would forever be tea time for her and the children. March actually found these kids through her old job as an ex-librarian- most of the kids having late fees and overdue books.
*Cue how she found Gosalyn Mallard. This spirited girl ended up becoming her Alice. Sure, she told herself, she wasn’t a blond…but the important thing was that she ACTED like an Alice. Full of life and curiosity! Able to verbally entice the lagomorph. Ooooh, it was just absolutely delicious!
*Eventually, she was thwarted by both Gosayln and Darkwing. And she was then sent to a mental institution.
*Whole family part, in the beginning, was to get Gos to stop reading mind rotting comics, and to start reading classic literature. (“Alice in Wonderland”. ) Call back joke- After the end, Gos was reading comics…Heard Drake coming up the stairs and grabs the book. DW comes in, and see’s Gos reading it.
“GOS! What do you think you are doing?!”
“Don’t you know that thing will rot your mind out? Here, read some good ol’ wholesome comics instead. THOSE never made a super villain out of good little girls.”
*Oh! Does Honker get kidnapped, too? Oh wait... Probably not, huh? I couldn't see him having an overdue library book...
lemon_jello_fiend: Yeah. I was he was following Gos to return her overdo books that her dad was trying to force her to read
Celey Library: Aaaaaaah... Okay! Cool, then.... hmmmmm....
lemon_jello_fiend: I also imagine he gets forced to dress up as the White Rabbit. LOL
Celey Library: *LOL* Because he's late to the party? *LOL*
Celey Library: Oh wait... Do you mean Honker or Darkwing?
Celey Library: *Sorry, I'm tired... (lol)*
lemon_jello_fiend: I'm sure March has SOME type of wonderlandian way of telling who becomes what.
lemon_jello_fiend: I meant honker. XD
Celey Library: *LOL*
Celey Library: Maybe Darkwing is the Jabberwocky, then?
lemon_jello_fiend: DW would need to be either something awful (Jabberwock) or something insulting
lemon_jello_fiend: Actually, I can see her seeing him as the Queen of hearts, with that temper
Celey Library: *LOL*
Celey Library: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.....
Celey Library: I can see Darkwing just loving being referred to as Queen... *LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL*
lemon_jello_fiend: I don't see march caring about gender. XD
lemon_jello_fiend: So guys could easily be female characters.

*Celey Library: Darkwing as the Queen of Hearts would be both awful AND insulting.
Celey Library: Best of both worlds!
lemon_jello_fiend: And it's funny...Because I don't think March means it to be THAT bad. He's kind of just the adult that's spoiling her fun
lemon_jello_fiend: She doesn't consider her actions
Celey Library: Hmm... Wonder how she'd see his sidekick? Or would she just ignore him? *LOL*
lemon_jello_fiend: LOL. Depends on what LP did when she first saw him/what she knows of him.
lemon_jello_fiend: One joke is the King.
Celey Library: The King of Hearts, maybe? If I remember right, the King was mellow, wasn't he?
Celey Library: *LOL*
Celey Library: Darkwing would throw an even bigger fit.... "Why does HE get to be the king?"
lemon_jello_fiend: He was in comparison, at least. XD

* Celey Library: I was going to ask... How is she thwarted by Gosalyn and Darkwing? .... Buuuuuuuuut... I don't want to spoil things for myself... *lol*
Celey Library: Just something for you to think about...
lemon_jello_fiend: I imagine he'll have to go against her weakness...She's not the best with her powers, and she's sensitve
Celey Library: And insane... *LOL*
Celey Library: Which can be an advantage AND a disadvantage...
lemon_jello_fiend: Yes
Celey Library: On the one hand, being insane gives her an edge because it makes her unpredictable....
lemon_jello_fiend: I believe I have it listed on her bio as both. XD
Celey Library: On the other hand, being insane makes her more susceptible to... hmm... deception and the like, perhaps.... Darkwing could use her obsession with Wonderland to his advantage...
lemon_jello_fiend: As Younbeak would say, she disassociates as a form of a coping mechanism.
lemon_jello_fiend: I have an idea!
Celey Library: *lol* Yes....
Celey Library: Hmmmm? Idea?
Celey Library: Don't tell me if it involves thwarting March Hare...
Celey Library: *lol* I don't want all of the story revealed to me at once...
lemon_jello_fiend: LOl...But you'll probably forget it anyway. XD You didn't even remember me asking to borrow your character
Celey Library: *LOL* True....
lemon_jello_fiend: I was thinking of him trying to use character logic on her. Logically...the March Hare (Alice character) wouldn't care if Alice was at his party or not. And the other guys wrren't even part of the Mad Tea Party
lemon_jello_fiend: at first, that is.
lemon_jello_fiend: And then Maybe I'll use a running gag of either Darkwing or Lp's pager/device going off at random times. and it's LOUD!
Celey Library: Hmmmmmmm?
lemon_jello_fiend: When March is using her powers, loud noises makes it so she loses concentration, and drops the objects/people she is carrying
Celey Library: Oooooooooooooooooh..... Be sure to establish the device thingiemajig going off at random times before getting to March Hare's tea party....
lemon_jello_fiend: Then, Darkwing can use the noise as a distraction, and have something trap her. Maybe making a semi reference to the "Mad as a Hatter" BTAS episode.
lemon_jello_fiend: Yeah, I was thinking that I'd have to...Maybe his mcguffin went off.
Celey Library: *lol*
Celey Library: Then, maybe somewhere near the end you can have him smashing it with a hammer or throwing it away... Never to be seen again.
lemon_jello_fiend: Of course! Because then you find out that making noise was all the thing did! LOL
Celey Library: Here's a big question for you.....
Celey Library: Who would be the Mad Hatter? A random kid?
lemon_jello_fiend: Here is the thing...
Celey Library: The role seems too important for March Hare to give it to just anybody....
lemon_jello_fiend: In March's mind, her dead father will always be the Mad Hatter
Celey Library: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh......
Celey Library: Oh... I was just thinking... just randomly... I don't think it would be able to fit in the story anywhere... but... If March Hare were to ever meet Quackerjack... I have a feeling, she'd probably think of him as the Cheshire Cat...
Celey Library: Because of his great big grin.... and the fact that he has those chattering teeth everywhere...
lemon_jello_fiend: I was thinking that too.
Celey Library: *LOL*
Celey Library: Great minds think alike... *LOL*
lemon_jello_fiend: As her "story" goes on, you find out she perminately gives roles to players in her Wonderland
lemon_jello_fiend: Thing is, like I said, stuff like that only comes up if she and Quacky ever have a team up
Celey Library: Maybe you could do another story where just that happens... ... I'm curious how Quackerjack and March Hare will get along...
Celey Library: ..... Why do I see Megavolt getting jealous for some reason? *LOL* "Heeeeeeeeeey.... I'm supposed to be his insane partner in crime.... ...."
lemon_jello_fiend: LOL. I'll make a deal. If I ever finish her origine, I'll write that story then.
lemon_jello_fiend: ^origin

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Brilliant. Completely brilliant. I can't wait to read it!!!

LOL, I love the idea of DW being the Queen of Hearts and LP as the King -- because he is the mellow sidekick, which is essentially how the king was depicted... at least in the Disney movie. I admit I've never read the original book.

It's always possible Honker just got dragged along as he often does when Gos gets in herself in trouble. He could've been there when she was kidnapped and, depending on the nature of how the March Hare kidnaps the kids, maybe he just gets pulled along with it. He'd probably be that cute little sleepy mouse in the jar, lol. Perhaps March traps him in a giant jar because he's such a spoilsport, and it prevents him from escaping?

I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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