My Uncle Needs To Leave
 I can't stand it any more. He needs to go. All day I have been cleaning. Heck, even my grandparents came down to help us clean the house so we could put Christmas decorations up. Here I am, coughing, can't breath through my nose, with a full blown migraine, and throwing up all while still cleaning...and here HE is sitting down watching all of us. WATCHING.. The most he did was every time we had to clean up in the area he was sitting in, he'd move into a different area to sit. He may be handicapped, like I am, but this mother fucker does NOTHING around the house. Then he has the nerve to call me lazy. Here I would be cleaning, and he would stand behind me and watch me and STILL call me lazy. And to top it off, he's a sexist pig. Always telling me how a woman is suppose to be. And telling me that looks matter over personality. That it's impossible to fall in love with someone's personality before their looks. (Which of course this specific conversation gets to me because I'm a personality person through and through.) own cousins, his children, won't even put up with him. So why should I have to? My dad is dead, I didn't ask for him to show up in another form. 

Also, I'm aggravated I stepped in his urine today. He can go up 15 stairs to use the bathroom, darnnit!

I'm sorry for rambling. But man, I needed to let this out. It's unhealthy to have that negativity thrown at you. I may be optimistic by nature, and always look for the good in people...But he makes it haaaard.  

I'm going to go finish up my Megavolt Meme. Maybe that might cheer me up until it's time to call Moonie...

Grumble Grumble
Oh Well Hatter

Was just talking to wifey about some stuff from my past, when I got really bitter. So I vented with Megavolt. Yaaay.

I SHOULD be working on my Bushroot pinups. Oh well, I'll get it done. i wiiiiiiill.


Ouch. Oooouch. Oh well. I'll live.

...but ooooooooooooooouch.


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